This site was created willing to share:

  • An extensive collection of workout exercises that show how to make them in proper form
  • Related exercises and progressions, alternatives and similar ones for a given goal

Catalog of exercises

When started doing workouts, spent many hours searching on Internet on how to make a given exercise. With this, I started my own collection of exercises. Some people collect stamps, I collect exercises.

Now it makes sense to make such list of exercises available to others. First purpose of this site is to share such catalog of exercises.

Willing to do harder moves, had to identify which auxiliary exercises can help reaching a specific goal. Sometimes office-friendly exercises are needed, or easier ones, with a different equipment or alike.

For example, took me 2 or 3 months to do my first pull-up. In that period a couple of exercises helped me to gain the necessary strength on the related muscles. Sharing several collections of related exercises is our second goal.

Future plan

Whenever this database becomes stable, I will use this web-site to share my own journey, my daily log of workout.