Elbow Plank. How-to, proper form and tips

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The exercise engages core in a static position and works all abs muscles.

Video demonstration

How to and step by step instructions:

  1. Lie down on the floor resting on your forearms and knees.
  2. Straighten your core maintaining a straight line from shoulders to heels.
  3. Count the seconds you can hold with the body straight.

Hints & tips:

  • Do not lower your body and butt.
  • Keep your shoulder blades activated as if they were going off your back.
  • Keep your neck and head aligned with your body.
  • Use multiple variations of the plank as they slightly vary in benefits.


  • Improve core strength and stability.
  • Strengthen shoulders and neck.

Counting & gamification:

  • Count seconds you can hold.
  • Start with 20 or 30 seconds but your should be able to increase to one or two minutes.
  • Measure your progress by the time you can hold.

Muscles worked and body parts involved:

Primary , Secondary

Primary muscles: Abs, Quads

Secondary muscles: Upper Back, Lowerback, Glutes

Other names

The exercise can be found with other names. Examples are:

  • Elbow Plank
  • Forearm Plank
  • Low Plank

Muscle: Abs

Muscle: Quads

Collection: Plank Variations

Category: Isometric