Sitting Twist. How-to, proper form and tips

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The Sitting Twist works Abs and Obliques. Its a very easy exercise that can be effective with the appropriate number of repetitions.

Video demonstration

How to and step by step instructions:

  1. Sit down on the floor, knees bent and feet touching the floor close to each other.
  2. Raise the feet of the ground, touch hands on each other.
  3. Turn your torso to one side, placing the hands on that same side, near the floor.
  4. Turn the torso to the other side, again placing the hands near the floor on that side.
  5. Repeat.

Hints & tips:

  • Do the move slowly, not in a rush.


  • Strengthen abs and obliques.

Counting & gamification:

  • Count series of 20 or 30. At least 3 series shuld be part of a workout session.

Muscles worked and body parts involved:

Primary , Secondary

Primary muscles: Obliques, Abs

Other names

The exercise can be found with other names. Examples are:

  • Sitting Twist
  • Russian Twist

Muscle: Obliques

Muscle: Abs

Collection: Crunch Variations

Category: Bodyweight