Stair Climbing. How-to, proper form and tips

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Commonly available in the daily life, stairs offer a low-cardio exercise, easy to do without any planning or even sportswear.

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Hints & tips:

  • Use the stairs, not the elevator, when possible.
  • Set a daily goal for climbing floors.
  • Use the stairs as a warmup exercise.


  • It's a slow cardio exercise, will improve your heart health.
  • Builds endurance.
  • Effectively burns calories, helps reducing weight.

Counting & gamification:

  • Count steps for known stairs (home, commute, office), the define a monthly goal of steps.
  • Set a minimum of daily floors to climb.
  • Measure or assume the height of floors, define how many are needed to climb the Everest, set such goal for a given period.
  • If you don't have a smartwatch to count stairs: in a controlled environment put a basket on the ground floor with small objects inside, take one upstairs every time you climb, and count the results in the end of the day.

Muscles worked and body parts involved:

Primary , Secondary

Primary muscles: Calves

Muscle: Calves

Category: Low Cardio