Supported L Sit Scapula Shrugs. How-to, proper form and tips

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From an L Sit position with your heels on the ground, relax and activate the scapular muscles repeatedly.

Video demonstration

How to and step by step instructions:

  1. Sit on the floor, legs straight and feet together.
  2. Put your hands on the parallettes and extend your arms so that the hips stay of the ground.
  3. Keep the legs extended and heels supporting you.
  4. Press your shoulders down. Your neck and head should go as far as possible away from the shoulders.
  5. Now relax your scapula, allowing your neck to come down into a relaxed position. This is one repetition.

Hints & tips:

  • Keep both legs and back in a straight position.


  • Strengthen the scapula muscles.

Counting & gamification:

  • Count repetitions in a given period, session, week or month.

Muscles worked and body parts involved:

Primary , Secondary

Primary muscles: Shoulder, Triceps, Upper Back

Secondary muscles: Abs, Lats, Quads

Scapulae strength

Muscle: Shoulder

Muscle: Triceps

Muscle: Upper back

Collection: L Sit Friendly

Category: Bodyweight