I spend 30+ years without any exercise. Still young, I setup my own business. From there all priorities became mixed up: Countless hours on a desk or phone, fast food, working weekends, caffeine and cigarettes along the night. My own company’s growth kept me moving.

One day I had to run for a bus.

Fancy shoes, nicer trousers, laptop on my back. 40 meters later my lungs were about to explode. This was my first reminder. Two weeks later, appropriate shoes, I tried again. “Can’t be that difficult”. 3 or 4 minutes later, including 2 stops, I simply could not breath. Again one week passed… maybe I am not a running-guy, or maybe guys with my age should not run… Let’s try push-ups… Not even one.

So I started moving, walking, using stairs, trying all kind of moves that I could find on Internet.

A couple of months later, I found Darebee and started a daily log. Those two facts brought me to a totally different new level. All sort of workouts were there, organized and ready to use. Support from the team and community in the forum was (and still is) amazing. The log allowed to compare to myself and have a progress reference.

The more I moved, the more I wanted to. Now I can jump rope, run, push, pull, kick, punch, and many other things that seamed impossible. Still use that outstanding web site, and I’m proudly a (microscopic) regular sponsor for that project.

Had to investigate the ‘how to’. Started collecting exercises, as all was new to me. Spent endless time searching and searching. Now its time to share and make life easier for the next ones.

Final messages:

  • See goals on this site
  • Feel free to contact, for any purpose. Including suggestions and complaints.
  • Remember to move, exercise and workout.

Cheers, P