Exercise Catalog

Workout and exercises are accessible to everyone and can easily be found on the web. Frequently, and specially for those not used to it, ‘what to do’, ‘how to do’, and ‘what else’ are challenges. This site tries to fix this.

Exercises are available by category, by collection of related exercises, by muscle and muscle groups, by equipment, or mobility and flexibility focus. A few progressions were also included.

To find an exercise by its name you can use the alphabetic list of exercises. Considering that some exercises have more than one name, a list containing such duplicates is also available. Finally, exercises can be found by keyword or partial name.


This site was created willing to share:

  • An extensive collection of workout exercises that show how to make them in proper form
  • Related exercises and progressions, alternatives and similar ones for a given goal


Hi I spend 30+ years without any exercise. Still young, I setup my own business. From there all priorities became mixed up: Countless hours on a desk or phone, fast food, working weekends, caffeine and cigarettes along the night. My own company’s growth kept me moving. One day I had to run for a bus. Fancy shoes, nicer trousers, laptop on my back. 40 meters later my lungs were about to explode.