Mixed Grip Body Row. How-to, proper form and tips

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The Mixed Grip Body Row is an effective exercise for back strength and can easily be adjusted to different fitness levels. Differs from Body Row or Supinated Grip Body Row in the way hands are placed in the bar.

Video demonstration

How to and step by step instructions:

  1. Set the bar around waist height.
  2. Hang on the bar, legs and core straight in diagonal.
  3. Extend and relax arms, keeping core engaged.
  4. Use a mixed grip, with one palm facing forward and the other towards you. This is the starting position.
  5. Bend your arms, bringing the chest close to the bar.
  6. Hold a few seconds and extend the arms returning to the starting position.

Hints & tips:

  • Choose a higher bar for an easier variation.
  • Put your feet closer to the bar for an easier variation.


  • Works all muscles needed for the pull up.
  • Strengthen back muscles.
  • Very easy to adjust to your fitness level, by adjusting feet position.

Counting & gamification:

  • Adjust the feet position to have 10 reps of maximum effort yet proper form.
  • Aim for 3 series x10 in a session.
  • Use different grips, such as in Body Row or Supinated Grip Body Row.

Muscles worked and body parts involved:

Primary , Secondary

Primary muscles: Shoulder, Triceps, Upper Back

Secondary muscles: Forearms, Chest

Other names

The exercise can be found with other names. Examples are:

  • Mixed Grip Body Row
  • Mixed Grip Inverted Row
  • Mixed Grip Bodyweight Row
  • Mixed Grip Horizontal Pull Up
  • Mixed Grip Australian Pull Up

Grip Variations for Body Row

Muscle: Shoulder

Muscle: Triceps

Muscle: Upper back

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